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  • 10408990_1508749999384218_109580560217208346_n

    Houston, TX | The Power of Love Church

  • 10671461_1503607289898489_3740753448808502524_n

    Bronx, NY | Heavenly Vision Christian Center

  • 10620643_1481728748753010_6097716642291418153_n

    Swindon, England | CitiFaith International Church

  • 10680022_1469273569999618_7365837357254344100_o

    Oberbayern, Germany | Life Church International

  • 10542408_1460057274254581_3602263672638642335_o

    Bilingual Christian Church | Baltimore, MD

  • lifesource_August_2014_2

    Life Source International Church|Baltimore Maryland

  • HVCCJuly2014_1

    Heavenly Vision Christian Center|Bronx, NY

  • Domincan_March2014_8

    Dominican Republic

  • ACCJune2014_1

    Adonai Christian Center|Queens, NY

  • NBACCJune2014_2

    New Beginnings Anointed Christian Center|Pensacola, FL

  • POLMay2014_1

    The Power of Love Church|Houston, TX

  • CCIMay2014_2

    Calvary Cathedral International|Fort Worth, TX

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Drs. Rodney & Adonica Howard-Browne

The most important document for the child of God

is the written Word of God – without God’s Word you have nothing to stand on – without the God’s Word you will develop your own belief system based on theory and supposition, that’s sinking sand.

God’s Word is the plum line and the rock on which we establish our lives – without God’s Written Word the church is lost – this is why the devil quoted scripture to Jesus and tried to twist it – if he cannot keep you from the written Word of God he will always try to discredit the Word of God and twist it and make it void of power. Or say its not for today!

However Jesus, Himself, answered the devil with the words: “It is written!” The Bible says to study so that you can rightly divide the word of truth – there is a right and a wrong – this is why you need the Holy Spirit to help teach, lead and guide you concerning God’s Word!

His Word will never Fail!

Past Sermons

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  • mikebecki-e1373019975422-905x1024Pastors Mike and Becki McDermott
    Life Source International Church
    Baltimore, MD


    ...a relationship with Randy and Vicki Hooper that brought stability and growth to our ministry...
  • sal-e1373015687247-855x1024Pastors Sal and Kenia Sabino
    Heavenly Vision Christian Center
    Bronx, NY

    OUR CHURCH HAS BEEN EXTREMELY BLESSED Pastors Randy and Vicki Hooper and their ministry. Their continuous love, spiritual advise and wise counsel over the area of finances has literally saved our ministry in these peril times of worldwide crisis. The Hooper's seemed to believe that God's economy depends on Godly kind of faith and setting his house in order.

  • joelieska-e1373015558750-781x1024Pastors Joe and Lieska Mitsch
    Beaming Hope Church
    St. Petersburg, FL

    God brings people in your life to help you grow

      ...and flourish individually and corporately; Pastors Randy and Vicki Hooper are those God sent people. They have helped us to put God’s house in order...
  • garcias-e1373015831395-736x1024Pastors George and Sandy Garcia
    The Power of Love Church
    Houston, TX

    We would like to thank you Pastors Randy and Vicki

    ...and the Connecting Your Vision Team. Since your first visit to the Power of Love Church you’ve helped us in so many ways.