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I am very grateful to the Lord for the word, teaching, preaching and knowledge with which Evangelist / Pastor Randy Hooper brought to our church.

Pastor Randy brought a message and teaching directly from God to our congregation. The Holy Spirit recalled the promises that God had spoken to us in the past and the promises that we know will also be fulfilled.

The Holy Spirit used the teachings and preaching of Evangelist / Pastor Randy on the practical and administrative side of the church to ignite the fire of God in our much needed congregation.

Lives were reconciled and they returned to God’s ways. Connecting Your Vision blessed us enormously!

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The Connecting Your Vision Ministry Leadership and Administration conference changed our lives. Pastor Randy taught us strategies that have tangibly impacted us!

We continue to experience church growth; a new level of commitment in our Relief Ministries and other departments.

We are applying the administrative strategies that Pastor Randy taught us and … it is working!

However, this was much more than an Administrative Conference. This was a life-changing meeting orchestrated by the Holy Spirit! GOD WAS GLORIFIED IN EVERY SERVICE!

My wife and I are humbly grateful for the blessing of this anointed, wise, and fiery man of God. We consider it an honor that you have chosen our Living Water DC Church to minister!

Thank God for the Connecting Your Vision Ministry!

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Dr. Debbie Rich-Rester is the President and Founder of Debbie Rich Ministries (DRM). Debbie Rich Ministries is a Global Outreach and Revival Ministry that has traveled to 46 nations, throughout the United States and Mount Alaska. For more than 5 years in Alaska she had a prison ministry where Revival Fire raged throughout the Palmer correctional facility. She also pioneered as a missionary in Alaskan villages from 1990-1997. She has worked in television and radio in the US and abroad, while she also teaches at various Bible institutes from River University in Tampa, FL to institutes in other nations.

Dr. Debbie and her husband Robert Rester are Co-Pastors of Faith Life Church NW with Pastors Jason and Cathy Stonecipher, in Elma, WA. Dr. Debbie serves as Dean of the Word & Spirit NW Institute in Elma, WA.

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Our church has been extremely blessed by Pastors Randy and Vicki Hooper along with their ministry. Your continued love, spiritual advice, and wisdom in the area of finance has literally saved our ministry in these dangerous times of global crisis. Pastors Hooper firmly believe that God’s economy depends on having God’s faith and putting his house in order.