Our Mission

Connecting Your Vision is an International Ministry with a purpose of preaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ, while bringing accountability and infrastructure to God’s churches, without compromising the move of God.

We have a Team comprised of individuals with various gifts, talents and abilities in all areas of Ministry. We believe that in order to have the proper infrastructure, the foundation must always be “The Kingdom”. If the center of your church is the Kingdom of God, nothing can come against it.

Our team has years of experience in various church settings. These hands-on experiences combined with the guidance of the Holy Ghost, have provided stability and growth to many churches worldwide.

As a “Faith and Holy Ghost based” Ministry, Connecting Your Vision builds a connection with the churches we visit. When we minister at a church, they become a part of our team, both spiritually and administratively.

Our Vision is to uphold the Ministry and Vision of each Senior Pastor in the local church. Every church has a vision which God gives to the Senior Pastor. This means every church will have a different vision. It is our mission to see that each possess the tools required to fulfill their Vision