Shonda Hogan

For most of my life my mom and I have not had a good relationship at all. So many times I wanted to never see her or speak to her again. I would ask the Lord on a regular basis, "can I honor my mom and yet not have anything to do with her?" Of course I knew this wasn't the right thing to do. Each time I would visit my mom, which was not often at all, I would ask the Lord for a good visit for a change. At the same time my oldest daughter and I did not have a good relationship either and I was believing that the Lord would restore our relationship. One day I went grocery shopping and while in the store there was a lady that kept sticking out to me and every corner I turned there she was, so I knew I needed to witness to her. While I was returning my cart and waiting for her the gentleman she was with came out and I started witnessing to him. Then the lady came out and I witnessed to her as well. We stood there for about an hour talking. She wanted to introduce me to a friend of hers so she gave her my number. Later this lady called me and we spoke for a little while and I invited her to church. After a few visits to our church and conversations on the phone I found out her daughter lives in Nashville. I have to travel to Nashville every 6-8 weeks for work and at the same time I would stay the weekend to visit my mom, so I invited her to come with me. I would take her to her daughters house for her to visit and pick her up on my way back home. In talking with her I found out that if I wasn't so willing to allow her to come with me to Nashville so she can see her daughter, she wouldn't be able to see her. This went on for a year and in that year my mom and my relationship started getting better and better. It got to the point to where I actually enjoyed visiting with her. Also, my daughter was coming to visit for thanksgiving and it was the first time in 2 years that I had seen her. The visit went amazing! The Lord gave me wisdom regarding some conversations that started the restoration of our relationship as well. Things went so great she came back for Christmas and we are now planning a mother and daughter vacation together in September! God is so faithful!! When I invited my friend to go to Nashville with me I never looked at it as sowing seed, I just looked at it from a mom's stand point and how much I wanted to see my daughter. But look what God did!!

Rochelle Poff

I was one of Pastor Randy’s and Pastor Vicki’s camp meetings, I’d had anxiety and some depression, as I payed on the floor letting God work on me as Pastor Randy was praying, Pastor Vicki kneeled beside me with her hand on me and said no more anxiety or depression, prays God it left me as I was on Gods healing table, through Pastor Randy and Pastor Vicki