Cynthia Potier

I am thankful for pastors, Randy and Vickie Hoopers ministry. I am so thankful for the many words of encouragement, and the anointing that they carry. A few years ago, during a time in my life, where I wanted to give up, God dropped in my spirit to go back to school in 2 areas. In my head by “knew“ I could not do that, mostly because of my health, but I had a long list of reasons. He would not leave me alone about it, and once I stepped out, IN FAITH, God provided financially, physically, mentally, emotionally, in every area. Many many times. During that time I got connected with this ministry, definitely by divine appointment. During this time, God also provided for my daughter who is now married and working on her PhD. Miracles signs and wonders!!! Now, I have completed both of the assignments God gave me. My life is forever changed by the intimacy of walking with the Lord. God’s word is true. PERIOD. Now, I am on my way to what God does best. He has saved the best for last. I will be starting River University in the Fall. Tyj

Dawn Kaye Kleisath

I'm very grateful for the Ministry of Pastor Randy and Vicki Hooper. I've been connected with them and under them for a while. They are the overseers of the church that God launched me out to after graduating from River University, to fully launch over to Clearwater, FL area where the church is located, Beaming Hope Church in Largo, FL. I had to be able to find housing in that area. It was a very big struggle and I encountered a lot of closed doors and disappointing times.It seemed after months nothing opened up but praise God for godly pastors and friends the River Church RBI alumni and of course Pastors Randy and Vicki who also prayed for me and my housing. Pastor Hooper told me that God has the perfect place for me and it would come to pass. He had a place for me. Pastor Hooper has taught me to thank God and praise him before the answer comes and to dance and praise him. I began to do that. I had peace about the situation. I had a minor setback and moved back to Tampa for a few months and pressed in and got refired and refreshed and reignited. Received instruction and counsel I put the housing on the shelf and continued to stand and wait and believe what God's Word says. A few months went by and after the Fall Ministers and Leaders Conference at River Church , my home base, the Lord spoke to me and said go and put in an ad on roommates.com. So I did and this is where God found my beautiful place for me on roommates.com. My prayer petitions for 1 year was now answered in 1 week after He told me go on this site and BOOM, my new housing was above and beyond what I asked for and I am abundantly blessed with a 3 bedroom pool home rental sharing in beautiful Safety Harbor, my favorite place where I originally wanted to live!! I asked the Lord for a pool home with a home office suite and master bedroom with a view overlooking the pool. I got just that!! Praise Dance thank you Jesus. The rent is much lower than it should be and I can now work from home and work on a 2nd income stream as well. I can now also be involved in serving and helping Beaming Hope Church and their vision for this county and region. I'm all in now!! I'm overwhelmed by God's goodness and to me and his perfect timing. I hope this testimony of Provision blesses you!! I'm thankful and grateful for Pastors Randy and Vicki for being a great example always and strong in faith and I can follow them as they follow Christ. This is only the beginning. I was obedient and faithful and sowed into good soil for this housing and blessed other people with housing as best I could and sowed significant seeds and now I'm reaping my harvest. It came in due season!!! Thank you Jesus!!

Shonda Hogan

I am very thankful for this ministry and Pastor Randy and Vicki! I follow their ministry and have been so blessed!! I would like to share another testimony of God's provision and faithfulness. In the beginning of summer I started planning a trip to Boston to visit my daughter and had started saving money. I was believing the Lord for a certain amount for this trip and one night in service the Lord spoke to me to sow what I had saved for my trip. This literally felt like I had been punched in the stomach, but I was quick to be obedient and sowed. However, every time I tried to save money for this trip something would come up and I wasn't able to save. On Sept 16th I left for Boston to visit my daughter. There’s a lot of details that the Lord did throughout this trip but I will give a very condensed version. Basically Sept 16th, the day I left, I had $50 to my name for this 10 day trip. I wanted to bless my daughter and pay for everything. By late that morning I had my paycheck deposited but of course I have bills. I did have extra but not enough to cover $2500 in hotel bills plus food and entertainment and souvenirs. Prior to leaving, my mind was going crazy in that I should cancel the trip, only made sense in the natural, right? But when I thought about it I felt so grieved in my spirit that I couldn’t cancel. Leaving for Boston for 10 days with no money was extremely uncomfortable!!! I’ve never done anything like this before. The Lord reminded me of what he showed me and spoke to me over the summer; In a vision I could see myself walking and it looked like, as I was walking, I was being squeezed, I couldn’t see what was squeezing me but I felt it! As I was watching this I heard in my spirit that I was going to walk through something that was going to be very uncomfortable but to keep walking and everything would work out. So that’s what I did! Prior to the trip Pastor Randy was going to hold meetings in Tulsa and he kept talking about "There is no plan B" I held onto this and the vision the Lord gave me, along with speaking Gods word. The Lord provided through the whole time!!! Unexpected money came in several different times! It was always right when I was basically looking at a zero balance in my account and not knowing how we were going to eat that day or anything else. I kept my faith though and just praised God through the whole 10 days. God provided for everything!! Hotels, food, entertainment, gifts, etc. and I came home with $3.23 in my account!! The best part of this all is that I spent 10 days with my daughter and it was amazing!! In the past we would have never lasted a few days let alone 10 days! The Lord has done such a great work in the restoration of our relationship. Also, I never wanted my daughter to know I had no money because I wanted her to enjoy the trip! I was determined to act as if I already had provision. I am truly overwhelmed!! When I got on the plane to come back home I sat down and it was like I came up for air and could breathe again and I just started crying from what the Lord did!!

Tamara Rivera

I have to start by saying, glory to God for the lives of our pastors Randy & Vicki Hooper. My husband and I before we met him we stopped congregating and we also stopped reading the bible. Our relationship with God slowly deteriorated because of our neglect. And so we went for four long years, being oppressed by living a life with the absence of God's presence. Until I was invited by a great friend to the church in Orlando, FL where they pastored. I actually went more at the insistence of my friend than of my own free will. I remember they were having revival meetings. When I began to listen to the preaching led by Pastor Randy. I felt that what I heard was something different. The next day I returned, but this time because something in me wanted to hear again those words that filled my spirit. I remember that I continued going to all the meetings and immediately something in me began to change. I also remember how Pastor Randy in one of his predictions said "There is someone here that needs to go into his closet and take out the bible and dust it off". What he didn't know is that when I got home, I walked to my room and took my bible that was inside my closet. I dusted it off and started reading it again. From that day on my life changed and I never stopped reading the bible again. Today by God's grace, we were ordained as pastors by our Pastors Randy & Vicki Hooper. And we are currently leading a women's ministry "Finding The Real you" for the glory of God. Connecting Your Vision is more than a ministry. It is God's tool to change and transform lives. Blessings!

Maureen Gloria

I have been listening to morning prayer with Pastor Randy and Vicki for many months. I attend a spirit filled good church every Sunday but having the opportunity to look forward each morning to hear a Pastor speak truth, increase my faith thru God's word is awesome. I love that I have found another group of believers that I can pray for and interact with. Through this ministry I have increased my faith and have had the Lord speak to me about several things. I pray that I will continue to be humble and be a doer of the word, not just a reader of the word. Thank you Pastors for giving me a fresh spark in my walk!

Amanda Hall

Divine Connection - Pastor Randy & Pastor Vicki are just that for us. As a pastor I was in a place where I was desperately seeking the Lord for encouragement and help. I understand the work of strengthening and encouraging myself in the Lord, but I was in need of more. The gifts they carry and operate in are vast, but I’m thankful for their out-of-the-box wisdom and their hearts that truly care about me as a person. I appreciate their anointed perspective from the outside looking into our ministry; it’s brought fresh perspective to me. For my hubby and me, they have infused us with strength to keep going in the vision the Lord has given us and provided practical counsel to help in the fulfillment.

Michael Holmes

God had been calling me up higher and I had been battling on my own and Pastor Randy came in preaching on God is fun, surrendering to the Lord and you’ll get your breakthrough. It has been on my heart for a while to be more willing and obedient to be used by God. God took me higher the week Pastor Randy was in California. God is so good. Every time I listened to Him during those meetings I got encouraged in the things of God. Every time. I‘m planning on staying higher and having the best week of my life this week, next week, and each week after that. God is good. I am getting ready to be used by God; speaking His word and taking action and having fun in God while doing it. “The joy of the Lord is my strength”


I thank GOD for Carol's healing she had bad arthritis in her hands to the point of swelling and fingers starting to go side ways, so Pastor Randy gave her 3 scriptures to read and live and proclaim and today she has no pain and swelling is disappearing hallejaa, My God is so good seeing my wife smiling and giving him all the glory and knowing he's not done yet for he has given me  Proverbs 19:22 wife, The man who finds a wife finds a treasure and receives favor from Lord Amen.

Jessyca Medina

I would love to share my testimony with the entire world so that everyone can see how amazing our God is. As many may already know that before the pandemic hit, I was working out of NYC and was away from my family but once the Pandemic hit my employer as many other companies did as well send me home with all the require equipment to get the job done. After, a year we were called back into the office to go in a few days of the week so I was traveling back and forth until the 2nd round hit. Once the 2nd round hit, I decided to just relocate back to Florida again and worked from my house until this year March 2022 that they decided to call every one back into the office. Well, I prayed and had everyone praying for me that I didn’t want to quit my job nor did I want to go back into the office. I wanted to stay working remotely and I wanted to stay with my family. Well, when they say God is good and that prayers move mountains, I have to testify that is such an awesome statement. God Blessed me with the opportunity to stay working from home and with the same job in the state of Florida with the NYC salary. Only God can do that. I was in tears of joy and to this day I appreciate being a part of Connecting your vision international ministry, because if it wasn’t for our awesome Pastors of this beautiful ministry, I would have never ever had the faith, hope and blessing that I am living today. With this all said and done I highly recommend to continue having the Faith and never give up on our mighty God. If you don’t have a church to attend join us and trust me you won’t regret it because we serve an awesome God with Pastor Randy and Vicki Hooper.

Shonda Hogan

For most of my life my mom and I have not had a good relationship at all. So many times I wanted to never see her or speak to her again. I would ask the Lord on a regular basis, "can I honor my mom and yet not have anything to do with her?" Of course I knew this wasn't the right thing to do. Each time I would visit my mom, which was not often at all, I would ask the Lord for a good visit for a change. At the same time my oldest daughter and I did not have a good relationship either and I was believing that the Lord would restore our relationship. One day I went grocery shopping and while in the store there was a lady that kept sticking out to me and every corner I turned there she was, so I knew I needed to witness to her. While I was returning my cart and waiting for her the gentleman she was with came out and I started witnessing to him. Then the lady came out and I witnessed to her as well. We stood there for about an hour talking. She wanted to introduce me to a friend of hers so she gave her my number. Later this lady called me and we spoke for a little while and I invited her to church. After a few visits to our church and conversations on the phone I found out her daughter lives in Nashville. I have to travel to Nashville every 6-8 weeks for work and at the same time I would stay the weekend to visit my mom, so I invited her to come with me. I would take her to her daughters house for her to visit and pick her up on my way back home. In talking with her I found out that if I wasn't so willing to allow her to come with me to Nashville so she can see her daughter, she wouldn't be able to see her. This went on for a year and in that year my mom and my relationship started getting better and better. It got to the point to where I actually enjoyed visiting with her. Also, my daughter was coming to visit for thanksgiving and it was the first time in 2 years that I had seen her. The visit went amazing! The Lord gave me wisdom regarding some conversations that started the restoration of our relationship as well. Things went so great she came back for Christmas and we are now planning a mother and daughter vacation together in September! God is so faithful!! When I invited my friend to go to Nashville with me I never looked at it as sowing seed, I just looked at it from a mom's stand point and how much I wanted to see my daughter. But look what God did!!

Rochelle Poff

I was one of Pastor Randy’s and Pastor Vicki’s camp meetings, I’d had anxiety and some depression, as I payed on the floor letting God work on me as Pastor Randy was praying, Pastor Vicki kneeled beside me with her hand on me and said no more anxiety or depression, prays God it left me as I was on Gods healing table, through Pastor Randy and Pastor Vicki